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Putting the ‘ability’ in social and community events 

Encouraging people with disabilities to actively participate in social and community activities requires a thoughtful and inclusive approach. Here are some tips to foster engagement and create an environment that promotes social and community participation for people with disabilities:

Accessibility Assessment

Conduct an assessment of the physical and sensory accessibility of community spaces. Ensure that venues, transport, and communication methods are accessible to people with various types of disabilities. This includes ramps, elevators, accessible toilets, and accommodations for different sensory needs.

Inclusive programming

Design community programs and events with inclusivity in mind. Offer a diverse range of activities that cater to different abilities and interests. Consider adaptive sports, inclusive arts and cultural events, or educational workshops that can be tailored to accommodate various disabilities.

Clear communication

Provide clear and accessible information about community events and programs. Utilise multiple communication channels, such as written materials, digital platforms, and verbal announcements, such as through community radio. Ensure that information is available in various formats, including large print, braille, and accessible online content.

Training and awareness

Conduct training sessions for community members and staff to increase awareness about different types of disabilities and best practices for inclusion. Promote a culture of understanding, respect, and acceptance, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome.

Peer Support Programs

Establish peer support programs that connect people with disabilities to mentors or buddies who can offer guidance and assistance. Having a supportive peer can help build confidence, provide practical advice, and ease the transition into social and community activities.

Adaptive equipment, technology and Auslan interpreters

Invest in adaptive equipment and technology to facilitate participation. This may include assistive devices, hearing loops, or accessible computer stations. Engaging an Auslan interpreter to attend the event and provide translation for people with hearing loss is also recommended. By providing the necessary tools, you empower people with disabilities to engage fully in community activities.

Flexible scheduling

Recognise that people with disabilities may have varying energy levels or specific time constraints. Offer flexible scheduling for events and programs, allowing participants to choose times that best suit their needs. This flexibility can accommodate medical appointments or other personal considerations.

Consultation with Disability Advocates

Collaborate with local disability advocacy groups and people with disabilities to gather insights and feedback. Consultation ensures that community programs are designed with input from those directly affected, leading to more effective and inclusive initiatives.

Celebrate diversity

Embrace and celebrate the diversity of the community, including people with disabilities. Acknowledge and showcase their talents, skills, and achievements through public recognition, events, or media campaigns. This positive reinforcement promotes a culture of acceptance.

Feedback Mechanism

Establish an open and accessible feedback mechanism to continuously improve inclusivity. Encourage people with disabilities to share their experiences and suggestions and use this input to refine community programs and services.

By adopting these tips, communities can create an inclusive environment that actively involves people with disabilities in social and community activities, fostering a sense of belonging and contributing to the overall well-being of everyone involved.

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LevelUp Independent Living - Group of people smiling in a circle

Putting the ‘ability’ in social and community events 

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