Respite Sunshine Coast - Short Term Accommodation (STA)


Tailored Supported Accommodation for NDIS Participants

Our STA care options are designed to help NDIS participants take a break from their daily routines and enjoy new experiences while also providing caregivers with the peace of mind they need to take care of themselves.

We offer a range of in-home and out-of-home access respite care services in Sunshine Coast tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Let us help you take a step back and enjoy the things you love, while also ensuring that your care needs are met. 

What Is NDIS Short Term Accommodation?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) states that Short Term Accommodation (STA) is covered under NDIS funding and allows participants to be supported by someone outside their usual support network or environment while their primary carer takes a break from their usual caring responsibilities.

STA funding is an NDIS support service. The goal is to promote the well-being and positive mental health of the participant and the main carer by allowing them to spend some mutually beneficial time apart and enjoy some quality recreation or relaxation respite.

NDIS participants may choose to stay with other people or by themselves. The supported short-term accommodation funding will cover the cost of your respite care and accommodation on your respite getaway.

How Can LevelUp Independent Living Help You?

There are many NDIS short term accommodation providers and choosing the right respite services options can be complicated, if not confusing. If that’s not enough, planning a STA by yourself can be stressful and time consuming.

At LevelUp, our experienced team members in the Sunshine Coast can help you get through the STA process as efficiently as possible. Contact us at (07) 5293 9020. Or get in touch with us online to let us know how we can help you.

LevelUp Independent Living can help to remove the stress.  Our experienced team helps to organise your break from start to finish, meeting your personal preferences.

We Help You Plan, Coordinate, and Manage Your STA

LevelUp Independent Living partners with NDIS short term accommodation providers and respite centres on the Sunshine Coast.  Our team has local knowledge about accessible hotels and activities, day tours, and equipment requirements.  We can provide highly skilled support workers to accompany you.                  

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What Can Be Included In STA?


Our team helps find accessible and appropriate accommodation on the Sunshine Coast with suitable facility and personal care to meet your needs.

24-hour Supports

We can organise up to 24-hour disability services and support services in your respite accommodation for the duration of the trip or as you require.

Meal Allowance

A meal allowance can be included, for example, reservations at Sunshine Coast local restaurants or eating in the comfort of your accommodation.

Activities and Community Participation

Enjoy your break! Our team at Sunshine Coast will support you to do the things you want to do. Whether it’s days at the beach, exploring the city, shows, galleries, or museums. If that is your goal, we can help make it happen.

Equipment hire

We ensure your equipment hire is organised in advance so you can relax and enjoy your break.

What Could A STA Look Like?

  • Stay in Sunshine Coast hotel-style facilities equipped with specialist disability accommodation modifications.
  • Overnight or weekend facility-based support that aligns with your needs and interests.
  • One-on-one short-term care where you are paired up with a support worker to match your particular needs.
  • Enjoy participating in a group short-term accommodation with other people who may have similar needs and interests.
  • Get support assistance around the clock or at times that you choose.
  • Your STA can be in your home or in a community participation setup.

The Benefits of Using Your STA Funding

A short respite on the Sunshine Coast away from home can help an NDIS participant in many ways, including: 

  • Relaxation and recreation
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Trying out new things and activities
  • Taking a pleasure in new scenery
  • Getting out of the comfort zone
  • Developing a greater sense of independence

Why Choose LevelUp Independent Living?

Everything’s Done For You

With LevelUp, you can relax. We will plan everything for a truly rewarding short-term accommodation for your respite at the Sunshine Coast. Our capable staff will plan accommodation, activities,  equipment hire and organise support assistance based on a participant’s disability.

Get More Value 

We have local knowledge about accessible hotels and activities, day tours, equipment requirements, specialised STA providers, and other supports all over Australia. We can help you get the most out of your Short Term Accommodation funding to cover the costs related to your support network, accommodation and respite activities. 

Contact Us Today!

Contact us at (07) 5293 9020. Or get in touch with us online to let us know how we can help organise your STA on the Sunshine Coast or anywhere in Australia. 

Call us to help organise your STA today.

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