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At LevelUp Independent Living, we are here to support you with all things NDIS. We understand that it may seem complicated, but don’t fear! Our team has years of experience and will provide you with expert guidance to navigate the NDIS. 

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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, also known as the NDIS, is run by the National Disability Insurance Agency, also known as the NDIA.

The NDIS is eligible for Australians, under the age of 65 years, who are either born or require a permanent and significant disability. This may be intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, or psychosocial disabilities.

Once eligible, the NDIA provides funding for reasonable and necessary supports you to access the services that you need to live as independently as possible.

LevelUp is a part of Your Best Life Disability and Health Services Ltd. which is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider and offers the following NDIS supports:


Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported independent living (SIL) is help and/or supervision of daily tasks to help participants live as independently as possible, while building their skills. It is the paid personal supports and is most commonly used in shared living arrangements. To find out more information, visit the NDIS website by clicking the link here


Social and Community Participation (CP)

Support for people with a disability to be active and create a social network in their local community.
Available under NDIS Funding: Core Supports or Capacity Building Supports


Individualised Living Options (Living arrangements for individuals)

ILO supports let you to work out how you want to live, where you live and who you live with. To find out more about Individualised Living Options click here.


NDIS Support 

LevelUp Independent Living can help you with every aspect of your NDIS journey. Our team assists you with pre-planning, eligibility, support for NDIS planning meetings, plan review and assistance to implement following approval. 

Below are some helpful NDIS video tips and tricks. If you have any questions about the NDIS, you can visit www.ndis.gov.au, or contact our friendly team.

LevelUp services are invaluable in ensuring a successful transition to independent living and any new challenges that may emerge in the future.

Ask us today how we can help to make the NDIS process seamless for you!

Appointments are available in-person across the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie, Caboolture or in a location that suits you best or via video conference. 

Further information regarding the NDIS can be found here.

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